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Capsiate Gold is a dietary supplement in which the key ingredient is called, “dihydrocapsiate”, a compound naturally found in CH-19 sweet peppers. Dihydrocaspiate holds clinical benefits in weight management, endurance and metabolism.

Capsiate Gold activates a specific set of receptors known as the TRPV1 channel in the digestive tract. Signals are then set to the sympathetic nervous system which increases and sustains a higher metabolism.

  • Gentle on your stomach with no unpleasant aftertaste.
  • No side effects
  • Clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Available through physicians only. Contact our office for more information.

Why Capsiate Gold?

Capsiate Gold is a clinically proven weight management supplement that increases your metabolic rate* and can help you achieve your weight management goals. Just three vegetarian soft gels each morning increases metabolism and energy expenditure* while pursuing sustainable, long term weight management. You will experience no burning, no stimulating side effects, and no unpleasant aftertaste when taking gentle-on-your-stomach Capsiate Gold.

The use of Capsiate Gold, a bio-identical calorie-burning chili pepper supplement, should be part of a complete weight management program that includes reduced caloric intake and regular exercise.

Capsiate Gold is produced by Ajinomoto Co., Inc., a global science-oriented company known worldwide as a leader in amino acid, pharmaceutical, food and food ingredient products.

Capsiate Gold is only available through healthcare professionals in the

What is Capsiate Gold?

Capsiate Gold is the first and only clinical strength dietary supplement that is based on providing the benefits of a rare capsinoid, dihydrocapsiate, found in CH-19 Sweet peppers. When diet and exercise do not seem to be enough, your weight management program can be enhanced by Capsiate Gold, a vegetarian supplement for boosting metabolism*.

Chili peppers have a long history. Some who traveled with Christopher Columbus in the late 15th century found that people in America consumed chili peppers not only to add flavor and spice to their food, but in medicine, as well.

The discovery of a sweet variety of chili peppers began with Susumu Yazawa, a professor at Kyoto University, and his many years of conducting ongoing research and a worldwide investigation of the chili pepper. Among the more than one thousand varieties of chili peppers that were examined, some less pungent peppers were identified, including CH-19 Sweet peppers. CH-19 Sweet peppers are rich in substances called capsinoids, which are similar in molecular structure to capsaicin, the substance that gives hot chili peppers their heat.

The capsinoid found in CH-19 Sweet peppers was shown to energize the body while exhibiting no pungency. This key rare capsinoid, dihydrocapsiate, which is the active ingredient in Capsiate Gold, is now branded as CapsiAtra® by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

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