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What’s the real key to succeeding at weight loss?

A program supervised by a physician who specializes in Obesity Medicine.

Someone who treats obesity as the disease that it is. Not a character flaw.
A doctor who can bring a range of different tools to the table: behavior, exercise, diet, and medications. A caring medical expert who develop an individualized plan for you to fight weight gain and improve your overall health.

We start by learning about you; your lifestyle, medical history, background, dietary metabolic and exercise patterns.

Then, Dr. Abbate will coach you through an individualized, comprehensive treatment that ensures you lose weight without difficulty and keep going.

Dr. Abbate and his staff help you not just to lose weight, but to understand your disease and approach it in a new manner.

Right from the start, we offer you motivation and a promise: you can look better, feel better, and maybe even live longer.


Over two-thirds of U.S. adults or obese.

Obesity is not just cosmetic. It is harmful to your health.

Obesity can lead to chronic illnesses, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and worse.

112,000 U.S. deaths yearly are directly related to obesity.

Patient Testimonials

They took the time to ask about my past weight loss experiences. Dr. Abbate listened to my thoughts on the medication his was prescribing and made recommendations based on my previous experiences. It was a very relaxed and quick process. Jonna J.

Dr. Abbate is very interested in weight loss, charting progress, giving tips and smiling while he sees the progress of his patients. In my experience he has a positive attitude, a good-natured way with explaining procedures, and takes time to check in with me every visit – something, not all doctors do in this day and age! I would suggest going to him if you want to lose the weight and don’t want to feel deprived or anxious. Red M.

I have been coming to Dr. Abbate for over a year and he is amazing. He has helped me lose over 40lbs and keep it off. His entire staff is so wonderful and pleasant. I love coming in everyone makes me feel so comfortable. Jessica R.


Sure, extra weight is annoying, even embarrassing. But it’s what that extra weight is doing to your body that is the real long-term problem.

Let’s face it, obesity is not something that most of us can overcome on our own. Eating less and exercising more isn’t enough. Obesity is a complex disease of multiple interlocking aspects which inevitably causes more health issues. 

That’s why you need an obesity medicine clinician, they treat obesity using a comprehensive approach.

Active Member of the Obesity Medicine Association

What Is Obesity Medicine?

Obesity medicine is the field of medicine dedicated to the comprehensive care of patients with obesity. Obesity medicine clinicians who are members of the Obesity Medicine Association use a comprehensive, scientific, and individualized approach comprised of nutrition, physical activity, behavior therapy, and medication to help patients lose weight and achieve better overall health.

Dr. Abbate and Team